Manage everything for you on one platform with a flexible and all-round way

Under the construction of full-scale function and flexible customize, Tracup helps users improve their efficiency by collaborating on everything with your team in a full-scale way.

Build your task management that can be customized for every need

Build your tasks in multiple ways

For a higher efficiency, Tracup supports create tasks with multiple channels including convenient and fast ways to create their tasks based on their needs.

Create tasks at the bottom right corner
Create tasks at any tasks view
Create tasks by dragging and dropping documents/files to task view
Create tasks by sending email
Create tasks by importing files/documents
Create tasks by Tracup API

Task Drafts

Save task as “draft” and continue to edit later.

Set Task Information

Set task information,figure out the current status, as well as staying on track with other team members and collaborate on everything with your team.

Better Task Description

In the task description, type “/” to select various editing options to help you make a description with a more vivid picture of the task information, thus team members can better understand of task content.

Text format: such as bold, italic and underlined
List: add ordered list, unordered list and checklist
Media content: insert picture, web page bookmark
External content: add specific link from external service, such as Youtube

Customizable Tasks

Add custom field, custom task status, custom task type and customize your task for any scenario

Custom Field of Task

Multiple custom filed such as text, number and date

Status of Custom Field

Customize add task status and formulate your workflow

Task Type of Custom Field

Custom task type to make a distinction


Each complex task is further broken down into sub-task, which can streamline and figure out the task components

Task collaboration and management with professional and comprehensive attitude

Customize task view for any need

Tracup supports rank tasks in multiple task views and display different task information through different task view, which can be applied into different task scenario

List View

Display tasks as list view, so as to adjust list information and order

Board View

Display distribution of tasks for a better drag-and-drop of task group

Gantt Chart

Emphasize timeline and dependencies of tasks

Table View

In order to adjust task information, you can adjust information and width on display

Task Screening

Customize the addition of multiple filters in any task view, thus allowing you to filter out tasks that meet the add conditions. For direct filtering at next time, Tracup supports saving commonly used filter sets and synchronizing saved filter sets to other team members

Comment and Reply

In order to achieve constant communication between work tasks real-time, notes, comments including suggestion and ideas may be added to any task; or responses to demands, suggestions and problem, etc.

Task Attachment

For a sufficient explanation of task demands, Drag-and-drop and locally upload files, multi-format attachments such as the image addition are supported to documents, as well as supporting single-click download and online preview.

Initiate project based on standardized template

Tracup provide standard template for any needs, thus helping users initiate project rapidly to achieve a better goal

Custom Task Status
Custom Task Type
Task Custom Fields
Component Configuration of Project

Event Promotion Plan Template

Great events bring speakers, material, and attendees together. To enhance attendance, start with our event marketing promotion template.

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Account Tracking Template

This template is suitable for Customer Success teams seeking for a simple approach to monitor accounts and action items.

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Bug Tracking Template

Good software should function properly. But you face the chance of issues surfacing with every new feature, functionality adjustment, design change, and prod. There are twelve "mainly just inconvenient" problems for every "drop everything" bug repair that is required.

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Standup Meeting Template

This template is built as a recording tool for standup meetings. In this template, you can write down the person's name, department, job role, meeting topics, and essential talkings.

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Project Management

The template helps the R&D department of the Internet team to achieve agile development collaboration management.

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Operations Project Plan Template

The project plan template streamlines project management for initiatives of any size and complexity, while also keeping stakeholders informed along the way.

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New Year's Resolution Template

This template is made for setting up goals for the next year. No matter it is small or big, think and achieve it!

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Help Center Article Template

Use this template to guide the creation of a help center article. To write your post, create your photos, submit your material, and publish it on the assistance center for your users to read, follow the checklist.

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Sales Pipeline Template

This template is suitable for sales teams seeking for a simple approach to manage pipeline progress and action items on individual accounts.

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Old Clients Email Template

Users can use Sales template for virtually anything. Planning to move? There’s a CRM template for that. Need a better way to contact past clients? There’s a Past Clients Email Template for that too!

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Personal Blog Template

Use this template to create a successful blog to share your stories/build a business link/find freinds.

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RFP Process Template

Prepare an RFP using our template, then gather and review the replies in one location to select the best provider for the task.

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QBR Meeting Agenda Template

Try using our template as a guide for your next QBR meeting to save time and set your team up for success in the future.

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Candidate View

The template provide HR with step by step help to becoming onboarding at their work!

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Feature Building Template

Planning and cooperation are crucial to creating a successful feature from beginning. A cross-functional team must be assembled to handle the design, implementation, translation, and marketing. Keep everyone involved in a collaborative project on the same page.

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Time off Request Template

This template is made to track your team members day off request, whether it is approved, rejected, or on hold. Use our timeline to see how long they gona be absent!

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Employment Onboarding

The template helps HR department to complete onboarding of new hire in a orderly manner.

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Conference Agenda Template

Are you planning a conference? With this simple conference agenda form, you can plan your conference schedule and ensure that guests know where to go and when.

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Return to Office Plan Template

Developing a return to work strategy entails outlining how your company will move to in-person cooperation. Set customs, coordinate with stakeholders, and align on critical return to work regulations with this practical to-do list.

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Digital Fundraising Campaign Template

The phrase "digital fundraising" is used to describe a range of strategies, from simple online donation forms to intricately orchestrated virtual events. Digital fundraising includes any online form or procedure that enables your nonprofit supporters to give money to the issues they care about.

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Personal Plan Template

The template can be used in managing work-life, family-life and other agenda matters.

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Moving House Template

This template is made for house changing preparations and after moving settle downs. Use our detailed sections to track everything you own.

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User Research Template

Don't allow key user research findings slip through the cracks. With our template, you can track, categorize, and act on comments to please your consumers.

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Vacation Planning Template

This template is made for vacation planning. You can manage your trip in this template from preparation to activities.

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Software & System Deployment Template

To make it easier for you to keep track of your team's progress, this project template is set up in List View with sections and Tracup-created Custom Fields. To help you get started, we've included some sample material in this template. However, to make this project uniquely yours, you should add tasks, alter task titles, add new Custom Fields, and edit any other information.

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Office Location

This is a space level template where users will be able to centralize all of their recruiting and applicant tracking processes.

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Case Management Template

The template can help law practitioner to follow up and manage rountine cases.

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Creative Requests Template

Here's a simple creative request form template you can use to describe your idea and ask for promotion.

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Pre-sales Deal Support Template

Using this template, you may improve responsibility and cooperation in your sales deal process.

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Employee well-being survey

This template would help team leaders determine the physical and mental health of every employee. We strongly suggest users to choose table views for a better experience.

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Design Project Plan Template

What is the key to more efficient design and creative projects? A fluid creative process.

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Vendor Management Template

With Tracup's vendor management template and advice, you can keep track of all your suppliers and vendors in one location.

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Usability Testing Plan Template

You can quickly develop and replicate processes with our usability testing strategy to save time on setting up each study session.

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Work Out Plan Template

Add your favorite workouts to your daily to-do list to stay healthy. Additionally, you may create food regimens for each exercise.

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Office Stock Management

The template is helpful for purchasing staff in managing the company's daily procurement.

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Company Goals and objectives Template

Use this template to link work to goals and milestones so that everyone in the company knows what your priorities are and how they are progressing.

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OKR Management

The template helps various industry management departments to implement OKR management methods within the team.

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Product Marketing Launch Template

Don't recreate the wheel with each new launch strategy. With this template, you can keep objectives and responsibilities clear, manage timeframes, and much more.

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Web Design Template

Use this template to streamline your online design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even if they are using different technologies.

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Productivity Template

In order to focus on taking action in your job and personal life, this collection will help you clarify your priorities and make the greatest use of your time, energy, and attention. Productivity is sometimes mistaken for being busy.

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Sprint Planning Template

At the beginning of each sprint, the team gathers to plan and prioritize the work that will be accomplished during that sprint. The "backlog," which is essentially a long list of the tasks that need to be completed in the project, should be used to store work that is outside the scope of the sprint. The work for the sprint should be divided into manageable tasks that can be finished during that sprint; occasionally, this entails decomposing bigger jobs into smaller ones.

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Wedding Planning Template

In this template, you would be able to manage all detailed works including: time, location, characters, finance, and more!

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Product Launch Template

Keep track of everything you need to prepare before launch. Get everything done before release.

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Job Hunt Template

This template is made for obtaining your desired position, preparing for your job search, and organize your interviews.

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Work Requests Template

Utilize this project to standardize work requests, gather the data you want, and efficiently carry out tasks. You may obtain all the data you require to process requests using Forms. After that, manage priority, effort, and progress in one location to aid your team in delivering better work more quickly.

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Meal Planning Template

In this template, you will act like a real cheif to manage meals for yourself or your family.

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Effective management is the soul of business. And managers all know that the customer is always right, there’s no denying that customers, at the very least, are super important for the success of business.

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Marketing Strategy Template

Creating a marketing strategy is simple when you use a marketing strategy template as a guide. Discover how Asana's marketing strategy template can assist your team in developing a solid and foundational strategy.

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Employee Directory Template

Our employee directory makes it simpler than ever for them to get to know one another, discover one another, and establish connections.

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Recipients Management Template

The template can be used in managing material requisition and help your company managing single material, recording and tracking recipient and receiving state.

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Facilities Requests Template

Want to manage the work of your facilities team more effectively? To organize and take action on your requests, tasks, and other items, use this template in conjunction with a form.

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Team Goals and Objectives Planning Template

Using the approach indicated in this template, you may standardize and scale your team objectives planning.

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Campaign Tracking

Struggling to manage all your live campaigns? With this template, tracking campaigns is simple since you can keep an eye on every social media platform your team utilizes.

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Software Implementation Template

One may conclude that the size and complexity of contemporary corporate software programs much exceed anything that was accessible even ten years ago. Of course, this is accurate, but it can't tell the whole tale. In spite of the fact that the software may have changed, our goals for the software implementation program haven't.

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Social Media Calendar Template

With our social media calendar template, you can do anything from tracking every tweet, post, and article to gaining a high-level picture of your plan.

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Web Production Template

Use this template to streamline your online design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even if they are using different technologies.

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Product Roadmap Template

This template would help users define their target output of products. They can set up goals or compare achivements in different quarters to see what is the key of progress.

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Agency Collaboration Template

Using our totally free template, you can collaborate with agencies to set expectations, execute plans, and communicate from a single location.

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Ad Serving Management

The template helps companies develop marketing plans annually or quarterly to make ad serving in a clearly structured mannner.

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Usability Testing Plan Template

You can quickly develop and replicate processes with our usability testing strategy to save time on setting up each study session.

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Boarding Meeting Agenda

This template is made for recording important speeches,agenda, documents from a meeeting. With our created areas, you can easily edit and adjust any process you need.

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Starting Business Checklist Template

Starting a business may take a significant amount of effort, time, and money. Follow this approach to get your company plan off to a good start.

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Product Version Release Template

Each release is a reward. You are giving new information to those who require what you have created. Product managers are in charge of the launch management process; you organize and plan for a successful launch.

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Facebook ads Template

Organize, focus, and find all of your Facebook campaigns freely on one platform. Collect your Facebook information and use list views to analyze your operation and improve your SEO performance.

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Customer Management

The template helps salesmen of sales departments from various industries to manage their clients.

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Creative Asset Feedback and Approvals Template

Use this template to share designs with stakeholders in order to provide context, collect feedback, and manage approvals using our recommended approvals workflow.

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All Company Meeting Template

With this all hands meeting template, you can ensure you're prepared before you present, from creating the agenda to working on the presentation.

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Sales Contract Management

The template helps us to record the execution of our client contracts, thus improving efficiency and quality of sales team.

You will mainly use:
1) Task status: Add signed contract status of clients to custom field of tasks status.
2) Custom fields: According to the specific scenario, users can add corresponding custom field to meet their needs.
3) Attachment: Remember to add contract into attachment in project.

Reminder: Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. in the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

Come to the point:
According to the real-time status of interview, relevant person can set their tasks status to learn about trends of their interview.

Ask for help:
If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.

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Editorial Calendar Template

How do you stay on track with content creation while meeting publishing deadlines? With the help of our editorial calendar template.

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New Hire Checklist Template

Managers must prepare for the entrance of new staff before they begin work. This checklist assures that you are prepared—even before the first day.

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Marketing plan template

This totally free template guides you through project management best practices for marketing teams so you can add daily performance, as well as screening data and making a analyze.

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Agent Rebate Template

Simply put, as long as it is not one of your agent's firm's own listings, any listing in New York is eligible for a reimbursement.

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Business Strategy Plan Template

Our template will assist you in solidifying your strategy, whether you are a small firm or startup, or if you need to renew your business plan.

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Business Continuity Plan Template

The impacts of disruption of company operations and processes are identified through business continuity impact analysis.

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Sprint Retrospective Template

A sprint retrospective is intended to provide the cross-functional team a chance to pause and consider how the sprint went. The main lessons learned and takeaways from the retrospective ought to make succeeding sprints more efficient.

The aim is to provide great products and features by continually strengthening the team's collaboration and optimizing the tools and procedures the team employs.

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Shipping Planner

This template keeps track of delivery requests and generates a fast checklist for the receiving and shipping teams so they can follow shipments and obtain instructions on where to place deliveries.

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Social Media Planner

Social media is used by people to connect and communicate with their friends, family, and other communities. Social media apps are used by businesses to track consumer complaints as well as sell and promote their products.

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Job View

HR KPI metrics an advanced HR playbook in Tracup can help users customize their own solving plan.

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Google Ads Management

Google, as the most successful searching software in the world, sends out millions of ads every single day. How to make a lead among thousands of Ads providers? Use Tracup to organize all types of Ads and their data in one template. Win at the beginning!

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Meeting Agenda Template

Any meeting must have a clear agenda. Create an agenda for any meeting by using and adapting this template.

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Customer Feedback Template

Use this project to gather and organize consumer input so that you can identify trends, arrive at wiser judgments, and iterate more quickly.

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Event Planning

For a better execution efficiency, market operators use this template help them to manage and carry out their tasks.

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Time Effort Planner Template

Use this template to increase efficiency by grouping various jobs into distinct timed buckets.

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Add any project components to meet various requirements


My Task

My tasks involved are collected and presented without entering relevant project, including tasks that are created by me, assigned to me and follow by me

Calendar View

Organize projects and visualize your team's work distribution on a flexible calendar that keeps everyone on the same page. Create tasks and assign them to relevant members publicly and directly in the calendar view

Collection of More Features


Copy and Move

Copy/move tasks into any project

Incognito Mode

Only visible to relevant members of current tasks

Task Grouping

Support multi-dimensional display according to the task

Task Sequencing

Autonomous switchover arranging ways according to demands

Task Dynamic

Record of task modify and update



Notify project message to third-party OA system


Notify project message to custom URL

Access Control of Project

Customize roles and access to assign roles to team members

Task Import/Export

Export and import large batches of tasks

Project repository

Update the code in data repository/issue alteration situation

Other supports


Customize the Way and Content of Notification


Archive important project for better searching


Project and task information cannot be edit after archive the project


Integrate the third-party service of mainstream for a better collaboration

Universal Search

Search for project, tasks, files, documents and members at the same time

Use Tracup to start your high performance collaboration

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