Choose Your Widgets

Tracup has over 30 different types of widgets in all uses (of course we are developing more), choose any widgets that help organizing your work! A suitable widget you choose will save a bunch of time you were suppose to spend on managing your work!

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Progress Tracking

Easily track every task's status, completion percentage in one diagram.


These widgets will directly tell you the current status of your tasks, whether they are unassigned, normal, high priority, or anything else.


Managing workload in any project can be a daunting task. However, by following the strategies of using correct widgets, you can help ensure your project runs smoothly and your team can complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Project Overview

Take a panoramic view of everything in one place. Easily share and discuss with your colleagues and team members digitally and remotely.

Pick A Color for Your Goals

Pick a background for your Goals to make it special!

Build Your Chart

Each dashboard overview is unique, Tracup allows users to adjust positions, change sizes of any widgets. The image will change automatically along with the changes of widget size!

Use Tracup to start your high performance collaboration

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