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Organize Tasks

Grouping all tasks in one platform

Break down your project into manageable units and set clear goals for each unit. This will help you track your progress and make sure that your project stays on schedule.


A clear overview management strategy while working

Take advantage of the scheduling and task management features that Tracup offers in order to streamline your workflow.

Track Progress

Arrange tasks in a preferred way

Group your tasks in any categories according to your real need. Make them line up as you wish!

Save Time

Drag and drop any tasks in your way

Easily change the status of a task by dragging and dropping it from current status to target one. Change the date, priority, assignee with one click!

Multiple operations

Flexible and group editing in one click

Make updates for a series of tasks by selecting them and change the status with Tracup Tool bar on top.

Use Tracup to start your high performance collaboration

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