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Manage your tasks, documents and files in Tracup. It is a time saver and convenience provider, the easiest and fastest way to manage your project, as the name suggests.

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Multi-view Management

List View

Free setup of task display column for a flexible unfold of important information

Board View

Visualize for task distribution and flexible drag&drop for a smooth task flow

Gantt Chart

Reflect scheduling and inter-task correlations of tasks

Table View

Structured unfold tasks and freely adjust width

Calendar View

Calendar format display, reflecting the time planning information of the task

Change the way you think about collaboration

Customized Setup

Create customize field to manage tasks more

Setup tasks status to create brand new task flow

Self-setting task list to display the sequence of content

Abundant Project Component

Free to choose task view and components to meet your needs of task management

Add document and file component to manage project information on one platform

Integration of third-party URL to browse external website in Tracup

Streamline Authority Management

Streamline role management authority to add customized role

Impart roles to each team member for a better project management

Flexible to adjust role authority

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Peace of mind from the safe and stable product you apply


Reliability of cloud data not less than 99.99%, with automatically transfer when downtime happens, automatic back-up on multi-line and data recovery safety and conveniently


Strict encryption to data transmission and storage. Data security is ensured by the equipped with highly defense MSM, Web firewall and explosion-proof cracking technology


Permanent preservation data and sustainable provide entire reservation for your business, as well as providing safety solution and timely repair problems

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Project Management

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