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As one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world, YouTube is very popular among all kinds of people. The wide range of coverage satisfies the multiple needs of various industries for promotion. Meanwhile, the excellent design and optimisation of the platform provides a great experience for users. Then, what will happen when the video portal is combined with a collaborative platform – Tracup?

Have you ever imagined using YouTube to improve the efficiency of collaboration?

YouTube is the place for developers to share ideas and knowledge! Various kinds of analysis or understanding can be great assistances to the work.

• Wanna share something with team members to learn?

• Need some videos to show but don’t want to switch between multiple platforms when giving a presentation at the meeting?

• Operations are inefficient when analysing video data reports and unable to view videos contents with one click?

Good news! Tracup has done it! YouTube has now successfully be integrated in Tracup! Undoubtedly, this feature will greatly enhance the ease of work or study and allow users to focus on their skills.

Register and create a team on Tracup

Users can quickly register in various ways when using Tracup for the first time, such as email address or phone number.


How to integrate a video from YouTube

Once users log in, they can create a new project on the left-hand side of the taskbar, then enter a project name and click Next. Meanwhile, the colours can be customised to distinguish between different projects.


Once the project has been created, click on the ‘Task’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. After entering “/“ in the text box and scroll down to select “External Content” YouTube, then enter the link of YouTube video you want to integrate in.


It’s quite simple, isn’t it?
No matter what you do, Tracup will give you a massive boost to your work/study performance ~

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