Why using slack for Workplace Communication

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Have you ever used slack to manage your project?

Many teams have been using Slack for many years and people love it. It helps teams organize their work better and keep track of everything. But there’s always something missing when users manage all their working campaigns.

Have you ever used slack project management

In this article, we are going to introduce two things:

  1. what is slack in project management

  2. how to use slack for project management and Tracup integration with slack? Are you ready? Let’s start!

What is task management slack


Slack is a task management program that allows you to assign tasks and targets to your team, thus identify what needs to be done to make your project progress.

Project Management Using Slack

As a task management application, slack will help you:

  • Create different communicate channels for various projects
  • Decide the access permission for users

Therefore, you will owe a special communicate channel for the specific project in which all relevant team members are involved.

You can use slack:

  • Sharing documents

  • Communicate important tasks

  • Status updates sharing

Limitation of Slack

The limitation of Slack is that it only supports sharing and generates tasks in comments blank.

You cannot organize and share your project and task list on Slack which leads your team members to create to-do lists and timeline on third-party to-do lists tool or on paper.

Consequently, PM cannot trace the work schedule at all because there is no project schedule for PM to check.

Furthermore, it is also difficult for you and your team members to make a good connection between third party matters via comments in Slack. As a trigger point of task communication of Slack, above mentioned problem will be well solved by Tracup.

Tracup + Slack = More efficient communication and project collaboration

Tracup is a direct view-tube and multiple function tool that has been used by thousands of teams.

By integrating Tracup and Slack, you can solve problems from Slack as a individual task management.

And Tracup solved problems in following ways:

  1. Binding Slack and Tracup account in Tracup integration page.


  2. You can also check and visit Tracup tasks from Slack itself.


  3. Come back to Tracup and you will find this project has already existed.



We believe you must know more about the project management with slack.

Under the reliability of Tracup, usability of Slack and ease of their integration, your project management will be smoother. As statements from PM, Tracup and Slack achieved a perfect complementary.

Though Slack project management is indeed outstanding in some areas but it is still not an outstanding option for you.

Fortunately, you can integrate Tracup with Slack to eliminate all these defects and the remove annoyance of finding other substitutes to Slack.

If you are still hesitating, why not try using the free Tracup? Tracup won’t let you down!

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