How to Make the Team Achieve the Goal and Improve the Execution?



This detail makes the team more efficient after doing goal management, why can’t the things that have been decided to be completed? Perhaps these three factors are holding back the team’s goals. Today we’re going to talk about the main reasons why the team couldn’t achieve their goals. And I will introduce Tracupto solve your problem.

As a team manager, I have to make a plan for my team. For example, improve sales performance and reduce employee turnover. Promote a weak area of the team. Obviously, I have done goal management, so why can’t I get the things I often decide? One is not to prioritize the target, there are a lot of employees in the company’s team, so managers will think that they can advance more goals at the same time. But the actual situation is a team itself has a lot of daily things, every employee has basic tasks to do, such as contacting customers, preparing reports, operation and maintenance, responding to unexpected tasks, and so on. It’s almost impossible to ask employees to do things beyond routine and accomplish more goals. So, in the same period, we have to set priorities, set only a single goal, and measure completion through three key outcomes of OKR.

Second, if the team members do not accurately understand the goal, the manager will complain that the staff cannot do exact things, it is not necessary the ability of the employee, and there is a high probability that the employee does not understand their work goals and the specific expectations of the leader, the task decomposition goal cannot just be a meeting to simply say, but also must penetrate the goal into every corner of the team’s daily work. Such as the progress of the goal completion, must be in the weekly meeting, clear publicity, and regular review. Repeat the phased progress of the goal to ensure that each team member truly understands the work they need to do and the specific significance of the work they have in hand to achieve the team’s goals.

The third is not to spend time on important things, we all know that important and urgent things are prioritized, but many people are spending a lot of time and energy dealing with unimportant but urgent things, and many team members are very hard and busy at the end of the day, but, in dealing with urgent and unimportant work, and do not put time and energy on things related to the completion of the goal, so to help team members lock the goal, implement the plan, whether it is visiting customers or preparing reports, It’s all about the team’s goals at this stage, and it’s about making sure team members have a clear idea of what needs to be done this week. So how to avoid the above three factors hindering the completion of the team’s goals? To work more efficiently, choosing a favorable tool is the most important thing. Today I would like to share with you a collaborative project management tool that I use, Tracup. It’s a team collaboration platform that enables quick project creation in a variety of ways and intuitive monitoring of projects, making it easy to get started in one minute! You only need one account to manage projects at the same time, both what you create and what you participate in. Not only the three points mentioned above can be satisfied, but here the statistics, dynamics, members, and problems of the project can be seen. If you are interested, you can try it today!

Description : This detail makes the team more efficient after doing goal management, why can’t the things that have been decided to be completed? Perhaps these three factors are holding back the team’s goals

key words : efficient, goal management, monitoring of projects

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