Can They Become Legend against the Ragnarok in 2022 FIFA World Cup

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In the coming month, the word “World Cup“ will be an inseparable topic in everyone’s life.
The best teams in the world will be playing for the FIFA World Cup Trophy this month.
If this event is the highest level of the sport of soccer, then winning the FIFA World Cup Trophy is the highest honor a team can get.
The World Cup is the last one for many stars because of the feast of giants that is held once every four years, and this World Cup in Qatar is particularly special.
Because in the past 14 years of the Golden Ball winners (Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric) except Benzema, will be in Qatar on the green field to complete their curtain call in the World Cup. So some fans also recognize this World Cup as the “Ragnarok/Twilight of the Gods”.
Which teams are the most impressive in a tournament with such incredible competitions?

Let’s go through some powerful teams of this FIFA World Cup!

1.Team Brazil


As the team that has won the most World Cups, they are the favorites to win the world championship this time by maintaining their superb strength.
Despite losing to Argentina in the Copa America final, the overall strength of unstoppable Brazil is still the best among the giants.
Neymar sits in the Samba army with several talented new stars, even the Argentine manager Simeone has to admit that the Brazilian front line is too luxurious.
When five-star Brazil has been maturing technically and tactically for 20 years, whether it can embroider the sixth star on its chest is still unknown.
Brazil has just finished the match with Serbia, and the score of 2:0 also highlights the absolute strength of the Samba army, the next game will be on the 28th at 8:00 am to play Switzerland!
If you are a huge fan of Brazil’s dream team, now is the right time to watch!


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2. Team France


As the defending World Cup champions, France certainly doesn’t want to let this honor slip out of their hand. However, they were defeated by Switzerland in the 1/8 final of the last European Cup and left the tournament in disgrace, which made people worry about their performance in Qatar.
The French team’s core players (Benzema, Kante, Pogba, etc.) are out of this tournament due to injury problems. But Mbappe and Griezmann lead the French team, which still has the strength of the world top class. Whether they can break the curse of defending the title remains to be seen.


3. Team Argentina


South American soccer has always been synonymous with passion, and the Argentinean passion for soccer is even more so. The Pampas Eagles have won the World Cup twice, in Argentina in 1978 and Mexico in 1986.

It is worth mentioning that the Argentina team in ‘86 was led by a generation of Ballon d’Or winners, Maradona, was captain of the team and won the championship.

After 36 years, Lionel Messi, the leader of the Argentina team, will also launch for the fifth time to the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

But just a few days ago, Argentina’s match against Saudi Arabia broke out in a shockingly cold game, and the Saudi Arabia team made a comeback by allowing one to catch two.

The match undoubtedly added a layer of gloom to the team’s road to advancement. Will the captain Lionel Messi, who is facing heavy pressure, be able to end his regret and hold the FIFA World Cup Trophy like Maradona? All this is still unknown.


4. Team Germany


One day after, same score, same blowout.

Germany lost to Asian powerhouse Japan with a score of 1:2. Since the departure of Germany’s meritorious leader Loew, the Teutonic chariot has also completed its old and new transition in the refinement of time.

In last year’s European Cup, Germany, unfortunately, stopped in the last 16. In addition to the first game of the division is not good, the new chariot of the situation is difficult not to worry about the line.


5. Team England


A lion, not a cat!

Traditional rivals England have been in good form in recent years, with good results in the last World Cup and Euros.

The young lions have been salivating for the title for too long. In Qatar, can they play as well as they should under coach Southgate? We’ll have to see what happens at the tournament.


6. Team Portugal


As with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also a great pride, is also likely to usher in his curtain call at the World Cup.

In the match between Portugal and Ghana, which started at 00:00, Portugal took the first step towards this year’s World Cup championship with a thrilling 3:2 score, taking away three valuable points.

Since the 2006 World Cup, five times the impact on the supreme honor failed to be as desired. Today, at the age of 37, Cristiano Ronaldo is surrounded by no shortage of outstanding young players, which belongs to Portugal’s new golden generation.

CR7’s story has long been heard by the whole world, and if we want to end it, I believe the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the best period of the story.


The End

The hour hand and the second hand are like the left and right feet of football stars.

Accelerate and change direction again and again, wander and dodge again and again shocked millions of children and planted a seed of soccer dreams.

Four years is enough to change a lot, school uniforms can be changed into suits, and sneakers can be changed into leather shoes.

But the love of football must be dormant in the heart and never go far.

The brightness of TV is so dazzling at night, along with the track of football in the sky, like the track of meteor. It is a touch of fantasy in the ordinary and boring daily life.

Now, who’s your home team?

Let’s discuss it in the comments!

Check FIFA 2022 Schedule to see our complete worksheet of this incredible world event!

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