A New Style of Working From Home with Tracup

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A New Style of Working From Home with Tracup

The continued iteration of COVID has made working from home the norm and a new paradigm for team management is emerging.

The high spread of Omicron has caused a change in the rules of work and suddenly we all have to adopt the work from home approach, which is actually a difficult adjustment for many people.

Concentrating on one space in an office building is a natural work paradigm that has developed over the course of human evolution, where people are all in the same place. You used to be able to see what was goindg on and easily check in with your colleagues to get agreement, and you could always ask the colleague sitting next to you, ‘Hey, what’s going on with this case? How’s the situation? ‘

What is considered working if you’re not in the office?

A work management tool, like Tracup, is a more reliable way to keep track, but it requires a different discipline to make it work when everyone is spread out. In the office, it might be the place to store the next set of meeting agendas, or to create and track project plans. But now that everyone is working from home, it has become the primary way to keep track of who did what.

Instead of sitting at your desk and showing your productivity, the new ’at your deck’ for a period of time is sending out notifications to your colleagues, your team, that you got things done in Tracup. This is the true measure of productivity.

Working on the Tracup workspace, the collaboration, motivation and monitoring structure changes to get things done in a transparent and accountable way, and that’s what it’s really all about. The signal is clear because you are actually showing that you have clicked on the task. Your manager isn’t using how long you’ve been sitting at your desk as a proxy for measuring your commitment or productivity.

That’s because tools like Tracup provide a shared approach that breaks down tasks or projects into individual steps that everyone can track.

Progress tracking and work results

If you’re taking people out of the office, which is the structure that holds teams together and assigns them the way we do now, you need some kind of virtual alternative to that structure. That’s what Tracup needs to be.

In the old world, remote work accounted for very little, someone would travel to work on a project and then come back and report, and that was usually done in a high trust environment where the office was home base.

With Tracup, you can break down a large project into its different parts. Many of these parts may be cross-functional. The manager, or team member, can see, first, how all those parts fit together. But at the same time, you can log in in the morning and you can see the exact status of the 99 steps that are actually required to complete the project, as opposed to someone who leaves and works for three weeks days and comes back having completed all 99 steps.

In other words, instead of having someone do a job and wait until they’re done, the work can be broken down and maybe shared among different team members. But this type of team work requires more transparency and accountability because the team is now collectively responsible for getting the work done, so everyone needs to be able to see the whole picture.

When a team is working together, you as a teammate care that all the pieces that need to be in place for you to be successful are in place. What we’ve seen is that progress tracking and work results is what this platform is all about. As a person, you can make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Continuous change

Now that we all have to start adapting to these new ways of working, some things will stay the same.

First, working remotely places different demands on team leaders, thanks to essential tools, like Tracup, which include task and results tracking, so that everyone on the team maximizes results wherever they work and knows who is responsible for what task at what time.

Second, create a standard work space to track the workflow of different tasks, files of document, picture, video, music and even web link.

Once people get used to having status updates handled by the work space, there are no meetings to keep everyone on the same page, once go back to the office, they will no longer need any kind of real status updates.

Now you can wake up in your slippers, walk to your dining room table, boot up your laptop and hit Tracup at www.Tracup.com, you will see exactly where everything stands on deck.

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