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With this creative request form, you can keep your creative production process going smoothly from initial input through final outputs.

How to manage creative requests with our template

A marketing channel consists of the people, organizations, and activities necessary to transfer the ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption. It is the way products get to the end-user, the consumer; and is also known as a distribution channel.[1] A marketing channel is a useful tool for management,[2] and is crucial to creating an effective and well-planned marketing strategy.[3] (“Marketing Channel - Wikipedia”)

It’s difficult to acquire a clear picture of all the work that needs to be done when you’re getting creative requests via email, chat, or passing conversations, let alone prioritize and start that work promptly. So, how can you keep your creative staff productive and focused on the proper tasks? This creative request template simplifies tracking incoming requests, prioritizing and assigning work, and gathering feedback—all in one spot.

Starting with a podcast is a great way to reach customers. A podcast is easy to repurpose into blogs, video micro clips, social media graphics, email content and more. Podcasts may take longer to build up and establish than other content, but it’s worth it.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • All incoming inquiries should be centralized. Manage all incoming requests in the same tool to keep priorities clear and understand what your team is working on.
  • Gather the necessary information. Missing information, such as creative requirements or design specifications, might cause work to be delayed. Use a form to ensure that requests are sent with all of the necessary information.
  • Establish clear expectations. Determine the priority level of each request, assign it to someone, and set timelines so that everyone is on the same page about who is creating what and when.
  • Accelerate the feedback cycle. Track approvals alongside creative work and materials to make them more visible.

The Template Default

Task Status: ☹[New requests]👌[Events]🖐[Internal projects] [Print/OOH] ❎[Closed]
Task Type: [Task] Bug] [Feature]
Custom Field: Content channel(text)
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Content channel


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

Ask for help:

If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.


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